Why Therapy?

Why Therapy?

For some people seeing a trained professional may be embarrassing, like an admission of failure or personal deficit. Psychotherapists are used by many people to aid their personal development and as part of their well-balanced plan of health care.

Many professionals seek help with their career path, couples seek help with their relationship skills, parents seek help with their parenting and lonely individuals seek counselling to help change their circumstances.

Some people seek the services of a psychotherapist because they simply have an important decision to make and need an objective and private sounding board. Other people suffer from problems like high anxiety, phobias, depression, abuse, trauma and addictions.

These problems may result in severe mental turmoil, mood changes, loss of contact with reality, insomnia and loss of appetite, sexual dysfunction, isolation, irritability, rage, violence and selfdefeating behaviours. Some people experience problems as they go through normal life transitions and changes in areas like marriage, job and career, retirement, parenthood, accidents, serious illness and bereavement.

Whatever the problem is, a Psychotherapist is trained to provide helpful clinically based services in keeping with their training and when necessary, they regularly refer clients to other health care professionals like physicians or psychiatrists.

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