What to Expect

What to Expect

Competent and effective therapy starts with an assessment. That is a set of questions I need the answers to, so that I can help you make the changes you want.

Most people have a story to tell about what happened to them and what they want help with. And, of course, I need to listen to your story to understand you.

I also need to know about other parts of your life experiences and current challenges. So the first few sessions are getting to know each other, hearing your story, and me asking you a lot of questions. That is the assessment process, you talking, me listening–and also asking you a bunch of questions.

Most problems take between 7-14 sessions to start seeing positive changes happening. That doesn’t mean you have to have that many sessions. That’s just the average. Sometimes the problems are relatively simple and only need 5-7 sessions to talk it out.

The quickest, most effective way through therapy is to start by completing the assessment near the beginning of therapy. Then I can better see the things you don’t see, that are preventing you from just naturally changing on your own.

So come to the first session prepared to talk about yourself, and remember I am not a mind reader. I will never know you better than you know yourself, but I can help you better identify what the problems are, what changes need to occur and how to get there.

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